PoseMaker - Overview

The basic principal is simply to click the joint you wish to adjust (such as right thigh or left shoulder) and then bend or turn it using the HUD buttons or your arrow keys.

If you have never posed an avatar before, it will take some time to learn which joints do what.  It is a good idea to click Zero All when you are getting started and then work with one joint at a time, moving it in each of the three possible dimensions to see what it does.

Creating realistic poses is an art.  It often helps to stand up, and place your own body in the position you are trying to achieve.  Make your body stiff, like the T pose Zero all creates, and then move one joint at a time.  You will discover that you need to change many joints to achieve the result you want. 

In particular, when you want to move your arms you will notice that you instinctively move your collar, shoulder, forearm, wrist, and hand all at the same time.  Achieving the same result with your avatar requires you to make the same, subtle changes to all the same joints.  Start with the shoulder, since moving that moves everything else, and work down. 

You will also discover that many joints do not look good when you bend them too far.  Rather than bending the abdomen a lot, try bending the abdomen a little, the chest a little and the neck a little.

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