Avimote PoseMaker

This product is a Heads Up Display (HUD) which allows you to move and pose your avatar in just about any way you can imagine.  It is more powerful than owning over 1.7 octillion* regular poses.

Do you have a massive pose collection and somehow still never have the perfect one for right now? Do you long for a way to move your arm, bend a little or tilt your head?

Do you find yourself in locations where you wish there was a way to move just a fraction left or step onto an object without jumping over it?

The Avimote PoseMaker was developed to solve these problems.  At last you can walk up to a tree, lean back against it, run your fingers through your hair, turn your face to the breeze... and smile for the camera. All in real time.

Align perfectly, bend your avatar only the amount that looks good, position your arms to accommodate the skirt you happen to be wearing and just about anything else you can think of.

Imagine the possibilities if, instead of a tree, it happens to be another avatar, who also has a PoseMaker...

PoseMaker PE

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To purchase our products:

Visit our in-world store at:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Avimote/128/203/1501

View our marketplace listing at:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Avimote-PoseMaker-PE-Mobilize-your-Avatar/692079


PoseMaker will eventually be available in three editions

Customers who wish to upgrade will receive a credit for the full amount paid for any existing edition. Existing customers will also receive introductory special offers of even greater discounts when the products are released.

  • PoseMaker PE (Personal Edition) - Available Now

    This edition is intended for personal use and only supports posing the owner's avatar. Typical uses are creating or modifying poses on the fly for use in photography or interaction with a partner.

  • PoseMaker SE (Standard Edition) - Coming Soon

    This edition supports posing up to 4 avatars at a time, allows poses to be saved to the Avimote Database Service, and provides access to a large pose library. Typical uses are photography studios and general users who wish to save their poses or make use of the pose library.

    Database functionality requires a subscription to the Avimote Database Service.

  • PoseMaker Pro (Professional Edition) - Coming Soon

    This edition is intended for professional content creators who are creating and reselling poses and animations. It supports up to 30 keyframes and export of standard BVH files for upload and sale in Second Life or use in tools such as Blender or Maya.

    Database functionality requires a subscription to the Avimote Database Service.

Specifications and prices are subject to change.


First Look

Creating a Couple Pose

Improving Purchased Poses



The HUD has a sophisticated user interface which provides the followings tabs:


  • Select any joint (Hip, Abdomen, Chest, Neck, Head, Collar, Shoulder, Forearm, Hand, Thigh, Shin or Foot) and move, bend or rotate it in any of the three possible dimensions.
  • Move either by clicking the buttons on the HUD or enable the keyboard control and move intuitively using your left, right, up and down arrows (AWSD), Page Down and Page Up (CE) or Shift-Left and Shift-Right keys.
  • Create complete new poses, or load an existing pose and override some of the joints to improve it.
  • Reset joints such as the Neck and Head to allow base animations, such as your AO, to control those joints.


  • Use the Emote tab of the HUD to control facial expressions.
  • Combine emotions and modify the duration of the animations to create unique expressions.


  • Use the Align tab to align your avatar with furniture, props and other avatars.
  • For maximum control and precision, click the HUD button to rez a pose ball.
  • In regions where building is not allowed, align your avatar with impressive precision, using Physics, to achieve previously impossible results.


  • Select the default couple pose ball.
  • Modify the HUD opacity.
  • Calibrate the HUD to obtain crisp, precisely aligned text and graphics.
  • Access customer service, online help, and check for product updates.


User Guide

View PoseMaker User Guide


* A billion has 9 zeros. An octillion has 48.